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Brainspace online personal space We believe, every person has at least one idea, story, wish or dream that could change the world Brainspace online personal space
All you need is a private space and a personal place to develop, store and share them with the rest of us too

News: Compendium now Open! Member site: Delayed - Beta Release Opening 2012!
Brainspace online personal space World Compedia of Dreams Contribute your dreams to the first ever compendium of world dreaming. This is one of the most exciting projects ever undertaken on the internet. A record and map of human dreaming and the subconscious. The results will be available for Researchers and Scientists across the world to help us all understand some of the amazing tools, powers and secrets of our subconscious minds.

Brainspace online personal space World Compedia of Ideas Contribute developed ideas that may improve or contribute to the world. You are invited to register any ideas in our central database compendium which you feel may be significant or worth noting and wish to make available for viewing by researchers or people with an interest in developing or supporting new ideas, inventions, projects or possible solutions for a particular problem which concerns us all.

Brainspace online personal space World Compedia of Stories Tell us your story! We are assembling a central database of stories, real or fiction. You are invited to register any stories or experiences you feel may be significant, entertaining or socially informative and wish to make available for viewing by the public, researchers or publishers. We welcome all general socially acceptible areas, topics and contemporary genre. This is place to tell your story!

Brainspace online personal space World Compedia of Thoughts Contribute your thoughts, hopes and wishes for making the world a better place. Do you have an idea for something that should be invented? A different way of doing something, no matter how small or how large, how local or global. This central database compendium is designed to reach out and make your thoughts available to others. What do you want to change about the world? What would you like to see developed?
Brainspace online personal space
What is Brainspace.me?
Brainspace online personal space
There has never been a place quite like this site on the internet. Cloud computing for the mind. This is a space to develop and explore your mind, emotions, creative ideas and dreams. Once the site is fully developed, you will be able to join and record your own dreams, thoughts, feelings and creative ideas in a personal and secure private online space. A space that will allow you to record, explore, link and display your own minds creativity and ingenuity with amazing tools you've never seen or been able to use before. Hold on a little longer, this is one of the most unique projects of all time!

Brainspace is being built as we speak and will be launched in beta form in 2012. We wanted to take the benefits of the web to the next level and make it work for you, make it interface with your way of thinking and make it do the things you want to do everyday. Too many social network and information sites make you work for them.

We wanted to develop a place you would want to visit and spend time every day which fostered your ideas and imagination while making your searching and exploring a joy rather than a task. A place you can link intuitively to others and invite only who naturally accord with your current ideas and directions. A secure place in the clouds that you can visit from any net connected device anywhere on the planet. You own private Brainspace on the net.

The world compendium databases, listed on the left, are a great place to start. These have been developed to provide a central repository for all of us to share our dreams, ideas, stories and thoughts for a better world. A free place we can all share the benefits of our creative humanity. Help make the world a better place by letting us share some of those thoughts and ideas you've been keeping in your own mind. Time to let us all hear them, we value your mind!

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  • A personal space for your mind to thrive
    Watch this space! There's never been an online space like this before
    ....Your own personal BrainSpace
    Cloud Software for the Mind

    Cloud Software for the Mind - A space for your brain
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